Mia Dog Pajamas
Mia Dog Pajamas
Mia Dog Pajamas

Mia Dog Pajamas

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Our Pajamas are designed to be both stylish and comfortable for your furry friend. The Extra length in the neck to keep them warm and with ribbing on the ends of the cuff to either roll up or keep down.  Elastic around the middle to stretch over. Keeps your dog warm and cosy, easy to wash and maintain, made from lightweight and soft cotton material. Must be Cold wash and hang dry. 

Choose from a variety of styles.

Size Guide can be found below. Not sure what size to order? Contact us!


XXS 15cm-20cm >31cm 21cm-27cm
XS 20cm-25cm >39cm 26cm-32cm
S 25cm-30cm >45cm 30cm-38cm
M 30cm-35cm


L 35cm-40cm >59cm 38cm-48cm
XL 40cm- 45cm >67cm 43cm-53cm